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I'm Stefano, from Italy, and I just launched WOptimize.io (10)
I am Rich, the guy behind Failory (10)
Its been a while but I'm bootstrapping again! (1)
Hi, I’m Darren, and I’ve just released a new desktop app for writers (11)
Hi, I’m Axel and I'm building a Stripe analytics dashboard (6)
Remarkbox is the Disqus Alternative ( 2 ) (35)
Hi, I'm Gui from London, working on MediaTag.io, a simple organisation app (3)
Hey, I'm Michael (7)
Hello, Victor from ewolo.fitness here (2)
Hello, I'm Mark from Chicago (2)
Hi, Chris from UK here (2)
Hello, I'm Pranav from SupportBee.com (3)
Hello, I'm Nicki -- hoping ya'll will review my market test (11)
Any bootstrappers based out of Seattle? (1)
Is this where I need to be? (1)
Hi, I'm Tim and I'm building a branded forms service (6)
Hey all, I'm Zeke and I'm bootstrapping a SaaS for software licensing (7)
Hi, I'm Mark from PilotLight.io (4)
Hi, Ope here, looking to learn from others (4)
Hi, I'm Marius from monbot.co (14)
Hi, I'm Micael and I'm bootstrapping Mr. Opus (3)
Hi, Pierre here, getting started with research (1)
Rick from Neomobili (3)
Hi. I'm Andrew. I have a small SaaS and am looking to grow it (13)
Mastermind group for bootstrappers (5)
Hi I'm John and I'm bootstrapping GetCredo.com, doing mid six figures in revenue (10)
Hi I'm Shane and bootstrapping clickpost.io as a side project (1)
18 year old lost on where to start but this seemed like one of the nicest communities (13)
Greetings from Ireland! (7)
Hi all, I'm looking to get my SaaS startup on it's feet (3)