Hey friends, I’m a recovering ornery sysadmin

This community and podcast seem to be drawing me in by housing a lot of likeminded individuals. I’m the founder of MXroute, a rapidly growing company I started while working as an angry sysadmin, minus the proper beard, while I worked at HostGator. I started my road to recovery as I moved on to DigitalOcean and then QuickPacket, and then finally went full time working directly for my customers.

It all started with a credit card and a bottle of everclear, and pretty soon I’ll be hiring someone else to help build out the product (I’m a back-end dev/sysadmin making a full service, which means front-end is lacking).

Hope to learn a few things from the likeminded people here and maybe even share some wisdom I’ve picked up along the way.

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Welcome! I added a link to your company name - I hope I got the right URL!

Hi Jarland. Nice to meet you. I actually became one of your customers a few days ago! I didn’t realise you were a one-man company – your website and service feel very robust and mature, I thought there must be a big team behind it. Well done!

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