Hi, I love creating products

Hey guys,

Thank you for accepting me in here. I love creating products & have been focussed on creating them for more than a decade. As I am looking into turning my product into a company, I see the whole other side of business & networking.

I have been in the field of Augmented Reality since 2014. I’m confident that it is going to dominate the next decade.

Looking forward to engaging in discussions,

Hi Naren, welcome! Can you share more on what’s new and exciting in the field of AR lately?

Hi Naren,

Do you know is there any established VR marketplace?

Hello yinhowlew. AR is a field which I believe is going to dominate this decade like how mobile phones did in the last. The field is nascent & the best is yet to come.
This week has been quite interesting for lot of reasons

  1. Niantic
  2. Snap
    Above are making smart glasses. So far, we know Apple, Facebook, Magic Leap, Niantic & Snap are in the play of making hardware spectacles.

Hey Atans_Walker - No I donot. I am focussed with AR.