Greetings from Austria! No kangaroos ;)

Hi, I’m Reinhard from Austria.

I worked the last 20 years as a web developer and started recently my SaaS business called It’s a handy online service which provides a backend for web forms submissions.

To bring a new product to live and then to success is an exciting adventure. :grinning:
The field of sales and marketing is quite new to me and I hope I can find here some helpful tips. I’m glad to be a part of this community and look forward to an active knowledge sharing.

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Looks good, and could be pretty useful for non-developers building website. But I would reduce the Free version down to 1 form, not 5. I imagine most websites people build that don’t involve a developer are not that complex so have less than 5 forms. You might be cutting off some revenue.


Welcome Reinhard!

You have a nice looking site, and a product that definitely has a market, if you can find it.

You should be charging waaaaaaaay more though. $10/month is too low for a “pro” price.

In my opinion, you simply can’t make a B2B product work on $10/month per customer.

For any SaaS product, I’d recommend starting with three tiers, of $49/$99/$249.

$49 for the basic product, for $99 add maybe “custom success page” and “file uploads” and 10 recipient addresses and for $249 add “priority support” and “50 recipient addresses”

This would be a viable pricing model.


Hi Craig,
thanks for your feedback! I will think about it. :+1:

Thanks, Steve, for your great input!
I am thinking of introducing a third pricing option.
To achieve, that the first paid plan is not the most expensive option. I can imagine that this could have a psychological effect.

Looks great! Keep going!

Looks very interesting, keep it going!