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What are "Introductions"? (2)
Hi my name is Vlad (9)
Hello everyone! (2)
HI I'm Bob Walsh from 47hats (6)
Hi! I'm Noah Everett from Pingly.com (8)
Feedback on landing page, idea and pitch (14)
Hi, accountant John here (4)
Hello, I'm Naveen from hellonext.co ( 2 ) (22)
Hi I'm Steven. Just graduated Y Combinator Startup School! (12)
Hi, I'm Michael from fman.io, cross-platform file manager ( 2 ) (33)
Hi, I’m Charles. I went through 2 accelerators and I’m working on new products (7)
Introducing myself (2)
👋 Hello! Jon here (1)
I'm Bryan, from Minnnneeeesoooootah (1)
Please take a look at my software pdfLei.com, thanks (4)
Hi! I'm Tim, and I'm building HttpToolkit.tech (4)
My first product: Automating website design (6)
SaaS company and client-oriented software development (1)
Use Programming to create Content for my Blog and Clients (1)
Hey folks! New side project :) (11)
Hey there, I'm Kinman and currently bootstrapping bastions.co (2)
Insight Stash - Fast, Simple Feedback forms (2)
Finally taking the plunge! Just put up a landing page for Refermo, an affiliate network for helping SaaS startups find quality affiliates (1)
Hello! I'm Diego and I'm building Distajob, first remote job listing website in spanish (5)
Data does not lie, OURS DOES! - FakeJSON (2)
Beyond the backer: New crowdsourcing and crowdfunding ecosystem helps test ideas, hire talent, raise capital and go public (9)
Entering software as a non-technical founder (6)
Hello World, it's Ambrose - (launched first SaaS in productivity niche) (11)
I made this: automatic lock/unlock for PCs with your phone (10)
Hi, my name is Ryan and I'm building instaaa.com (8)