So you want to run a software company?


Hire 'em for customer support.


And the award for douchebag of the week goes to…

Wow, that’s usually harsh but yeah, part of the business. Sorry that pile of steaming crap ended up in your Inbox, @andrey.

I love the phrase “way too verbose for casual outragers” - clearly this guy is a professional outrager.

Feedback of people who don’t want to buy is the least interesting thing, but sometimes it’s amusing. I like when they tell me to go freeware, because of {insert dumb reasoning here}. Do I really look that stupid?

“don’t make me call your mother” - where are we primary school?

And I thought my customer feedback was bad. It’s scary out there!

Ouch, I had someone last week demand a refund plus compensation for a laptop that apparently my software destroyed. Seeing feedback like yours makes me want to pay for my user’s laptop!!!

Has anyone reported harassment of this sort (or worse) to the authorities/his email provider? I know the authorities won’t go arrest someone for this, but if this guy keeps harassing people and the behavior is documented, maybe something can be done. Perhaps getting kicked off of gmail would be a wakeup call for him. If nothing else, it gives you a positive action to take each time you receive such a message.


I’m curious: how many people have received such missives from their users/customers? Is this an isolated case or a regular occurrence? I’ve been in business a few years and have gotten no such thing, not even close. But then again my users are very professional because of the market I’m in (healthcare). What about everybody else?

We need a thread or website to post stuff like this. This is some grade A customer hall of shame material here.

Myself I haven’t gotten anything very negative. I’d imagine it’s much more likely in a freemium model because you have a much larger customer base of less professional users.

Ugly. I’ve never had a physically threatening email like this one.

In fact, I get very few nasty emails of any sort. I think it is partly a product of the market you are in. I dread to think what its like for people doing support for gambling or porn sites.

I bet he wouldn’t be brave enough to say it to your face. Anonymity definitely has its downsides.

That’s vaguely scary. I’ve had a few angry and nasty customer support emails, but never something so threatening-ish.

It is possibly just a troll.

What are poker players like as customers @SteveMcLeod ? You can email me offline, if you like. ;0)

Generally pleasant. A few times my customers act entitled. Infrequently, if someone has just had a losing poker session, I do sometimes get emails telling me my software is the WORST and has lost them money. No real horror stories yet…

Send them to your competitor with a discount coupon.

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isn’t it funny that people who won’t pay a dime are the most demanding and the most angriest?

like I remember one guy who started going on wild rants how he wasted his precious time on a free tool that he got for free without paying.

a reminder that crazies will always be crazies, just ignore them like dog poop.

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I got one that said:

I can’t understand your accent, you Brit nigga. Go back to your country.

And this was for a book, not video. I didn’t find it insulting, just funny.

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I was actually thinking that in addition to the market you are in, “who” you are would probably make a big difference in the kind of emails you get. I’m sure (or I’d like to think) most users/customers are decent, but if you are a woman, a minority, or not straight you probably get an additional percentage of nasty emails.

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