Standing Invitation

If you are visiting (or living in) Barcelona, and want to talk about bootstrapped software businesses, let’s meet for coffee. Send me a DM.

Short profile

Founder of Feature Upvote. Acquirer of Saber Feedback. Host of the Bootstrapped podcast.

Long profile

I run Barbary Software, a bootstrapped software company in Barcelona, Spain.

Our main product is Feature Upvote, started in 2017. It offers feedback boards where your customers can add and upvote feedback. The result: you surface the most valuable product ideas.

In March 2020 I acquired Saber Feedback, a feedback button for websites.

In September 2019 I launched a new iteration of the Bootstrapped podcast.

Back in 2013, Ian Landsman and Andrey Butov started the Bootstrapped podcast together.

Over the next few years they created more than 100 excellent episodes.

Andrey and Ian both want to concentrate on their core products. But instead of ending the podcast altogether, they gave me the opportunity to pick it up and continue with new episodes.