, Episode 41, "90% good looks. 10% ideas."

In this episode, we talk about Laracon, holding a conference in New York, Snappy Concierge, experimental coding, Scribbleton, the Mac app store, the conference, managing product websites, and disruptive businesses.

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For the conference location, how about one of the ‘best places for boostrappers to live’ such as Austin, Raleigh, etc? Let people get a feel for the location.

That’s an interesting idea.

I say give Silicon Valley the finger and hold the conference in San Francisco :smile:

If you’d like to sign-up to be notified about the details of the conference, you can do so on the conference page at

If you’d like to participate in the discussion surrounding the conference dates, venues, speakers, location, etc, there’s a thread for that.

Here’s the conference plan:

Name: BootUp
AKA: The UP Conference
5 Downer Presentations to kick things off:

  1. ​Charlatans​​ Work Less (The 4 hour work week explained)
  2. ​10,000 True Fans (since 1000 didn’t work, this has got to work)
  3. LTV Has No Value (why you can’t spend the lifetime value of a customer on acquiring a customer)
  4. How to Talk About Shady Marketing Technics By Just Making Up New Words
  5. Exploiting Desires is Way Easier than Solving Problems.

Followed by hours of talking.


“BootUp” was actually one of the name we considered. :smile:

It’s Got to be AKA the UP Conference.

Nice and cheesy

You could do it out in Pasadena with the TechZing guys, they want to do a conference as well.


I empathise your pain of having to use Xcode and other not-so-nice IDE’s. The main reason I don’t make iOS stuff is the pain of Xcode.

You should take a look at AppCode. For the times when I just have to do some Objective-C work, I use this because it is actually a joy to use. They charge money, albeit not too much, for an alternative to Xcode, which I think is a gutsy move.

@SteveMcLeod I’ll check it out. Thanks!