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The Bootstrapped.fm Conference


Hi guys.

As you may have heard in episodes 41 and 42, @ian and I are thinking about organizing a conference for this community.

We don’t have all of the details hashed out yet, but we do know that we’d like all of your input on the kind of gathering you’d like to see. In a general theme, we do want to make an event that’s more open, with shorter lightning-style talks, and more of an opportunity to meet and talk to other software founders. But other than that, the specifics are open to your suggestions and contributions, so please, use this thread to let us know your thoughts and ideas.

1) When is this conference?

We’re aiming to bring the conference sometime between late-September, to mid-November of 2014. But it may not happen at all unless we see that there’s a strong enough interest from the community. The conference has a mailing list where you can sign up - it’s at http://conference.bootstrapped.fm - signing up for that is the best way to voice your interest in the conference.

2) Does this thing have a name?

No! We tried for months to come with something non-cheesy, and failed miserably. Naming is hard! If you have a good idea for a name, please post your suggestions.

UPDATE: We’ve decided to stick with The Bootstrapped.fm Conference for now.

3) Where are you planning to have this conference?

Don’t know yet. Maybe your town? Maybe some place you always wanted to visit? Post your suggestion and let us know! (Some place warm!)

Bootstrapped.fm, Episode 41, "90% good looks. 10% ideas."

come to the UK, we have weird “candy”, say strange things, and I already spend way too much time on airplanes :slight_smile:


Awesome. Signed up, can’t wait to hear more, and I predict you’ll have more than enough interest.

My one request: announce location and dates (even if only rough dates) as early as possible. Some people aren’t as able to spontaneously travel cross-country for this sort of thing as others. :smile:


Would love to attend.

I always thought somewhere like Lewes or Rehoboth DE would make a great conference venue off season. Could probably score a place right on the beach for cheap for the actual event.


Love the idea, would like to go… but since I’d be flying from Australia it’s unlikely. I mostly travel to Europe now around May-July, so if there was a Bootstrapped Europe conference in mid-June in the UK or even (especially) Berlin, I’d consider it.

Gratuitous plug: I’ve been trying to maintain a list of conferences for indie/bootstrapped types over at Indie Conference, if that helps plan timing at all. I’ve just added Bootstrapped.fm as an unconfirmed/TBA listing.


Would love to come. But it depends on the location and timing.

Very likely to come if in the UK.
Less likely to come if East coast US.
Much less likely to come if West coast US.


Love the programmer’s mindset in that post. :smile:


Would be awesome to space these bootstrap-specific conferences into quarters. i.e. MicroConf US in Q1, BaconBiz in Q2, Bootstrapped.fm in Q3?, BoS and/or MicroConf Europe in Q4. Though since BoS MC/EU are in October, perhaps it would be cool to put it square at the beginning of the year, i.e. mid January when everyone’s coming out of the Holidays and looking to get in gear for the new year?

Anyways, definitely interested.


Shameless plug for the SF bay area!
We could use more of the bootstrap mindset out here!


Would love to attend and would likely do so (together with Tobias) in case it’s sometime between the end of October - mid November, as we will be in the US around that time already. :smile:


A vote for the American Midwest. Split the difference between the coasts, cheaper venues, awesome places (I’m biased), plus novelty factor - area that doesn’t get hit often with tech conferences, especially for this crowd.

Plus, @rachelandrew might be able to vouch for Indy.


I actually like the UK idea a lot. Though for the first one it adds a lot of overhead to the logistics and all.


I would love somewhere central-ish US that has a good sized airport/travel economy–maybe Atlanta? Or somewhere in the Midwest that has international flights and easy West Coast travel, like Chicago.

Just please don’t be too close to Laracon EU time-wise :smile:


Yeah, it would need to be somewhere that has good transportation facilities.


UK sounds very tempting. The logistics would be difficult, plus I don’t know if I’d be able to personally pull that off. San Francisco sounds interesting too.


I’m also interested and like the midwest. I love both Chicago and Pittsburgh, but I am also biased.


I’m going to swim against the flow and pee against the wind, but I have to say it: I’m not coming. :frowning:

I believe bootstrapping means being savvy with the newborn company’s money, and not spending it traveling to a nice, friendly, exciting, but still, strictly speaking, unnecessary for the company’s success event.

Here, I said it. Take your hands off me!


If you’re interested in having the conference in the UK or anywhere else outside of NY, look for an enthusiastic go-getter volunteer / partner to help you with local logistics. MicroConf Europe was born when a guy living in Prague got in touch with Rob and Mike and asked them if they’d ever thought of organizing a conference outside the US and volunteered to help them organize it. (The fact that this guy was an event organizer working with Google is, I suppose, a small advantage but only incidental to the story.)


True, I’m a big fan of Indy :slight_smile: Not so much the 12 hours of travel to get there. I need to be more strategic about my US trips and try and line up a few conferences/events/meetings so I’m not doing 3 day fly in and out trips where I spend more time in an airplane or airport than actually in the country.


+1 for standing up for that. I went to MicroConf Europe last year, in October (possible scheduling conflict for you guys?) and had a great time, met tons of cool people, and came home with lots of ideas. Most of which took months to implement because… I’m bootstrapping. And none of which seemed to move the money needle much. So, from a strictly homo economicus point of view, I’m not sure the ~1000 Euro I spent on the whole thing were worth it. Perhaps I could have gained some of the same ideas reading reports from it, and spent that weekend actually working on my business?

I’m very conflicted about this: at a personal level, I loved getting to meet so many cool people, but I am not convinced of the economic benefits.

What that means for me is that cheaper conferences are better, meeting people is fun (MicroConf did a good job of promoting that), the talks are nice, but often the same content becomes available later at some point, for free.