#167: The blog gets posts once every 13 years

Ed and Steve talk about the mental stress of having real-time business metrics, how to find a business mentor, and Steve’s attempt to get started with enterprise sales.

And we talk about the blog that posts very infrequently.

You can also listen, download, and subscribe here

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@SteveMcLeod Your “report mentor service” looks intriguing. Might take you up on that.

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Let’s do it! You can email me at steve at barbarysoftware dot com.

After recovering from Covid-19 I finally got to listen to this episode! It took a while before I got the title! :smiley:

I have planned a new post for 2024 with the title “How Saber Feedback and Feature Upvote could acquire UserVoice”! :wink:

I’m happy you liked my feedback and implemented the branding changes and that you are thinking about adding a freemium tier.

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How badly did I mispronounce your name? :slight_smile:

Not too bad! It’s a complicated name to pronounce for non-nordics! :smiley:

“Kjell” should be pronounced like “Shell” and the “Å” in “Åke” is easier to replace with “Aa” (long “a”) like “Aake” instead. In Swedish we have a lot of variations of the spelling of the sound for “Sh” as in “Shell”. It could be “Kj”, “Sj”, “Sch”, “Tj” and “K” and they are not interchangeable, it is depending on what word it is. So this is one of the hardest parts when learning Swedish.

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