#159: Enterprise sales hell, SEO frustration and self-doubt

Ed and Steve talk about recent challenges and successes in their bootstrapped SaaS businesses. Ed tells of the agony of doing enterprise sales. Steve admits to self-doubt when waiting for SEO results.

Some things we discussed:

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re: Group meeting just to ask if you can fill in a doc that they email - had a few of those in my time. The mind boggles sometimes.

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There are a couple of alternatives to Fathom Analytics, which might be more suited to EU companies.

While I like the approach of Fathom, I think they are not GDPR compliant, at least given the terms they publish: https://usefathom.com/data “We are currently re-writing our new data policy as we’ve received new, cutting-edge legal advice that we need to put together.” and they don’t publish a list of sub processors.

Possible alternatives are: https://www.goatcounter.com/ and https://simpleanalytics.io/ and https://plausible.io/

If you are into self hosting: https://umami.is/ or matomo.

Another interesting option for SaaS is in product analytics: https://github.com/PostHog/posthog/ . You can self host, and limit the recording of personal data.

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Thanks. I’ll assess some of these.

I chose not to go with Fathom for now, because it is quite limited for reporting. There’s basically no filtering, so I can’t explore trends by traffic source or by content. They’re apparently releasing a new version soon to fix this.

Hey @SteveMcLeod

Just wanted to say I love your honesty at the end of the episode… and admitted you’re have self-doubt too and working hard like everyone else. There are way to many “overnight success podcasts” out there, way to many techcrunch-type-i-raised-6-mil-and-i-get-10000-paid-conversions-a-day stories!

Everyday Im doubting! I think it is in my nature to do… part of being an entrepreneur is questioning everything! But you just gotta keep going - if you’re solving a problem, people find you eventually. Im glad you said it in the epsiode. Made me feel like Im not going crazy!


Thanks @courtz. Glad it resonated.

I’m always battling some level of self-doubt. I think it is all part of the experience of running a business!

Hey @SteveMcLeod

I am new to the bootstrapped.fm podcast as I’m a fresh SaaS entrepreneur. I am loving it and much appeciae time invested to create such a helpful resource.
Towards the end of the episode you guys discussed having success with a content production agency. Any chance that you could share which agency this is/was?

Keep up the great work!


The content agency I use is https://www.scribly.io/

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Awesome, many thanks @SteveMcLeod!