Would You Buy This Software?

Hi All - I have a question for you wonderful/smart folks. I am not a developer, so I apologize for any dumb shit I might be saying here, but I really appreciate your help & input in advance.

So somehow I ended up building out a “functioning” software/website that caters to a certain industry by using bubble.is (It’s pretty much like a WIX website builder but on massive steroids).

The software/website is still pre-revenue, but through my network, I am starting to get some interest from institutions & large companies in the space who might be interested in purchasing the software.

BUT, as mentioned, the software/website purely built/hosted on bubble’s platform. If I sold it, I doubt there would be any type of transfer of source code, but rather just hand off my bubble’s login.

So would a large company even bother purchasing this type of software built on a third party platform? I have a demo coming up with a company, but I am deathly scared of telling them that it’s built on bubble. I have no idea what I am doing. I’d really really appreciate your guys’ insights. Thank you!

EDIT: I mean selling as in selling the whole software/company to another company (acquisition opportunity).

Hey Man,

We are probably not your audience so take all of our suggestions with a grain of salt!

Here’s what you need to do instead.

  1. Go to the market you THINK might need this.

  2. Don’t ask them about your tool/solution, ask them about THEIR problems (the problems you think your product can fix but don’t mention your solution).

  3. If they aren’t spending time and/or money then it means they don’t value that problem. PERIOD. Doesn’t matter how cool they say it is, if they are not spending time and/or money they will never buy.

  4. Try another market, tweak the use cases… RINSE & REPEAT until you find product-market-fit.

Does that make sense?

Hope it helped and best of luck :slight_smile:


Pedro nailed it.

I would add that if they have the pain and are willing to pay solve it, the technology is probably less important than you think, especially as you go up the corporate ladder. On fact, of they are smart theyll realize its easier to maintain in bubble.

  1. Be curiouse about thier pain.
  2. Figure out much its worth to solve it.
  3. Then, and only then, see what they think ifnthe solution. You must believe its a valid solution (not inferior bc its bubble. Io). Theyll smell that.
  4. If they have concerns discover what they are and address them.

Clay, Pedro…

I think they mean that they’re trying to sell the code to an acquirer. Like as a turnkey software engagement or asset sale. Not that they’re trying to find customers for the app.

I took their post to mean they had created an app that they’d like to sell and hand off to an acquiring company — similar to how you or I would create an app using PHP or Ruby or similar and then maybe post it to Flippa and sell the all the code assets.

Except this person created their app using one of the no-code platforms (in this case: bubble), so there isn’t any “code” to hand off to the acquirer, just their bubble login which contains all their configurations and work.

When they say they are looking to get some interest from institutions and large companies, I took it to mean he was looking for an acquisition or acquihire (not as potentially customers for using the app). But in that event… what is really being transferred in this case, since there are no traditional software assets?

Anyway… it sounded to me like they built a thing, have no interest in marketing it, and just want to hand it off to a large company… but they’re confused on what they’re actually handing over.

Ken - You’re exactly right.

I apologize, I should have made it more clear.

I meant selling as in an acquisition opportunity.

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