Where to seek legal advice (for ToS for SaaS app)

Trying to get an attorney to make a terms of service for my SaaS app- how much should I expect to pay? I called a local attorney and they quoted $1900… that’s a bit much…

Options are legalzoom or https://www.lawtrades.com/ or go find a local attorney.

any other legal things i need to do? (aside from corporation formation)

please share your experience with me. thanks!

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I used https://termsfeed.com/ to create the Terms & Conditions Page for Feature Upvote. It cost me less than US$100.


If you do want a lawyer then UpCounsel has repeatedly worked well for me. You’ll also want a Privacy Policy.


@SteveMcLeod - Thanks - I may do something similar if hiring an attorney costs too much.

@piotrk - I like how you can submit the proposal to multiple lawyers on upcounsel - I’ve heard one issue where there was a fake attorneys on that platform and didn’t do the job, so I’ll make sure I research them before hiring.

Thanks guys.

Your application is so unique that you just must have a custom legal copy? Don’t spend money until you make some - that’s why this forum is called Bootstrapped.

Find a similar application (not necessary in the same field, just doing something remotely similar) and copy theirs shamelessly. Cost: $0 + a few hours of your work.

You can always update that document later if you really need to.

Ditto for Privacy Policy.


That’s what I was thinking at first… but at the same time, I’d like to do the legal stuff properly (esp because my SaaS enables users to create derivative works of other blog posts) - I guess it’s for my peace of mind.

It comes down to how much risk you’re willing to accept.

I don’t mind spending a couple hundred dollars on getting this done by an attorney, just not $2000. I’ll update the thread with the results.

@ambrose Found this thread, any recent updates? I’m considering upCounsel for potential trademark registering.


I’ve used getterms dot io in the past, it’s cheaper than termfeed but I’n not sure how it compares in terms of quality.

can’t recommend termly enough… $7/mo and when you need to make updates say a phone number it updates all your policies… and you just imbed an iframe on the page… its really great

Isn’t it odd to pay monthly for such a thing? Terms usually change one time in year or less… Also, customers *(with exceptions for some corporate ones) never ever read those terms anyway.

with all of the new European laws we found ourselves needing a bunch of terms. we setup and we’re done in an hour. at 82 a year that’s less than 1hr of my time.

with now 5 policies to keep updated or so… no its very worth it.