Whats up? David from Ipsilon Developments!

Hello everyone!

I’m David, CEO and founder of Ipsilon Developments, a small software development company where we make cross platform apps, for several niche industries in B2B and B2C markets.

I have more than 10yr developing software in a lot of platforms (web, electronics, desktop, games) but i love to do web / cross platform apps for the productivity aspect of it, i can bring ideas to life very easy and fast.

You can checkout our apps and company in our website ( can’t post the link as new user )

Let me mention a couple of the apps we developed so far as example:

Book2App : Convert your original PDF content into an Android and PWA App!
Viable.Email: Check for config errors and spam lists in your email server.
StampImg: Design your own original digital stamp, 50 different templates, personalize colors & font, add your own images for free.
Video2Post: Transcript video or audio automatically, add images, media cuts & gif, export to Doc, PDF, Wordpress Post & HTML!
(we are about to launch this one below in the next days, but you can use it if you want to)
Sub4Video: Transcribe and Sync videos subtitles automatically!

I will be also generating new content developer and business oriented in our youtube channel on this 2021, so follow us in our social media to get the latest news and content!.



Video2Post - Video2Post - Transcript video or audio automatically, add images, media cuts & gif, export to Doc, PDF, Wordpress Post & HTML

@SteveMcLeod looks like this could do automatic transcription which I think you’ve been asked about a few times re: your podcast? (won’t be perfect but maybe good enough?)

I’ve tried a couple of automatic transcription tools. They don’t like my accent very much, and the transcript is… interesting… but not very accurate.

My best results have come from human-powered transcription, and even then I’ve had to help by briefing the transcriber with any industry jargon terms I use.

@Steve, podcast transcription wouldn’t be the first thing I’d focus on! I suppose it’s hard enough to deliver a frequent podcast. I enjoy them a lot, but I think you should make sure to keep it fun for yourself and not a chore.

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@SteveMcLeod Sorry for the late answer.

I actually agree with you! ML based transcription is not 100% accurate, and depending the accent, could be a problem. Still, we are using google speech-to-text technology, one of the best, and we see it that is 80% accurate. That’s why we built Video2Post, we can’t do much about the accuracy, but we can help you out to save money and time, by offering an editor that is easy to use, that allows the combination of automatic translation + human proofread + media insert + export to text-ready content very easy, to have a middle ground, where you have a cheaper option than human transcription from 0, but with less effort than doing it from scratch by saving time in the rest of the process that is still a must to do.

If anyone has any question, just let me know!