Website owners, I need your help testing my lighthouse audit tool!

Hi everyone!

I’m currently working on a tool runs automated website tests for SEO, Performance and other Lighthouse metrics:

The main functionality is done, so now I’d like to gather as much websites as possible so every base is covered. I could add the generic cases like or but I need to be sure it works for every website out there! That’s where you come in. For the moment the tool is free to use, and as a thank you, beta testers will be able to keep their accounts (and its perks) for free after launch.

With this tool we aimed at making the lives easier of Digital Marketers and website owners. We wanted to make performance and metric testing as easy as possible while making sure all your data is completely in your hands. No installation needed, no service needs to be kept updated, any public-facing page can be tested (even that one competitor you need to keep an eye on).

Really looking forward to your feedback, any bugs can be reported using the red bug button in the lower right corner (after logging in) of your screen!

Cheers, Denis