Website feedback for new page design


Pretty new here but im trying to get a bit of feedback for new page design:

We will be slowly rolling this design out across most of our product pages so would love to get some opinions on it. Our main goal is to showcase the product and get people to enquire.

Any feedback welcome.


Hi Eddie,

My thoughts (just one random non-designer person, so take as part of a pool of any other feedback you get!):

When I first opened the page I focused on the graphic of the plain box with something inside it and thought “Okay - I have no idea what this is”. Then I focused on the form and the title “Custom Printed Mailing Boxes – Get A Quote” which is when it clicked. Presumably the majority of people landing on your site aren’t going to have that momentary question over their head since they know they are searching for custom mailing boxes, but it might be an idea to put a “your message / logo here” (or similar) text in place of the “thank you”?

Overall I like the page and think it is a lot cleaner than the previous style (assuming that’s what this page and others represent). It really does now draw you to the contact form.

One minor thing - on the page you have an extra paragraph in the first block of text knocking the vertical alignment out:


Hi Allan,

Thats brilliant feedback. Thank you.

I agree that it maybe needs a better leading image that explains the page at a glance.

Sorry i probably should have added a link to the old design of page but you found it easy enough anyway. Glad the new design is better.

I still think theres a few things that need tidied up including the other thing you picked up on which is that vertical alignment. I made it a list so that it was quicker to scan but visually it might look unaligned