Virus targeting online poker players

This caught my attention and then remembered that a member here is in that industry.

@SteveMcLeod have you seen this?

Do you see this as

  • A threat - potential customers may be more wary
  • An opportunity - you can say - “were legit - we sell these products and earn money that way, not from spying on you”
  • A non-story that will just vanish

(Also - Let me know if you want this thread deleted).

I hadn’t heard of this one. It is very interesting.

When I announced in 2008 that I was creating poker software, Patrick McKenzie wrote this:

I’m interested in seeing how Steve plans to promote something cleanly in an online field saturated with scum and villainy.

He is right - an online activity that involves winning and losing money attracts plenty of crooks.

I’m not too worried about this specific story. The dominant online poker room, PokerStars, has a competent, well-resourced security team that deals with these issues quickly. They release software updates every week or so.

This story certainly doesn’t compare to April 15, 2011 (aka online poker’s Black Friday),when my monthly sales dropped by 55%, and never fully recovered.

On further reflection, this could be a good opportunity to write a “why you shouldn’t run a cracked version of Poker Copilot” blog post

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