Videos by practitioners

Hi all,

I’m looking for videos by people actively working on their business. I like the microconf videos but they seem to have been removed. BaconBiz talks are really great (

What are your favorite actionable and well presented videos?

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The Business of Software videos are great.


The MicroConf videos are still around! You can find them here:

+1 also for Business Of Software and BaconBiz. Another one to look at might be Small Is Beautiful, which has some talks from Brennan Dunn, Rob Walling & Sherry Walling:

Gratuitous plug: my Indie Conference email newsletter usually features a “Conference Video Of The Month”, where I highlight one of my favorite conference videos & try to write a quick summary for those who don’t have time to watch the whole thing. (It’s usually from one of those 4 conferences.) So there’s a few videos in the archived issues of the newsletter here:


Awesome. Are these current up to 2015? If so, anything a bit more current?

Hey Adam - yep, here are all the published Business of Software Conference talks:

What is it in particular you’re looking to learn? I can point you towards some useful ones if that’s helpful?

Hi Paddy,

Thank you for the link.

I am interested in learning anything a founder has to deal with while building a business in the early days before traction happens. I find the BoS videos tend to be for companies that are farther along in their life.

So ideally, I’d like to see talks that are targeted to solo founders or really small teams.

Are there any videos you recommend highly or find yourself coming back to?

For sure - there are definitely some here that could be helpful!

Gail Goodman (ex-CEO of Constant Contact) on the ‘How to Negotiate the Long, Slow, SaaS Ramp of Death’ would be a good one. Gail tells the story of Constant Contact (who were SaaS before SaaS was a thing) and how they tackled the early years.

Peldi’s talks are all great, from the point of view of a CEO of a small SaaS business. This was his first, back in 2010 when Balsamiq was a small company with 7 employees.

This is a shorter talk (but still great) on Scaling SaaS Marketing from the former Head of Marketing at Pipedrive, Andrus Purde. Helpful to hear the story of how Pipedrive’s marketing strategy helped them get from small startup to the place they are now.

Not from a practitioner, but ‘Uncovering the Jobs to be Done’ by Bob Moesta & Chris Spiek could be interesting to you as well - super practical about how to find out why your customers do and don’t buy.

Let me know how you get on or if I’ve missed the mark :slight_smile:

Those are good videos. Thank you.

Here are a couple of videos I can watch multiple times: - Rob Walling - How to 10x in 15 months - Patrick McKenzie: Conversion optimization in practice