Tool for gathering live feedback from my app?

Hi guys,

I’d like to have a tool that would allow something like crisp, but for desktop apps. Namely, once I’m online (me, the owner of the app), and there are users that are running my app, I would like them to see live feedback is available, and perhaps even start a conversation with them.

I’m using .net (C#) - is there something like this, or do I have to build it myself? :slight_smile:

You already have crisp on your website. I’m curious:

  • how many times people used it so far?
  • did you get anything useful from those conversations (like an insight about your app that you didn’t already know)?

Maybe you have a bigger team but as a solo person, I wouldn’t use a tool like this because:

  • I’m not available for such chats; if they would happen often, they would be disruptive to other, more important work
  • maybe it’s just arrogance, but I usually have more ideas than time to implement them
  • and you have an additional wrinkle of being in an European time zone

I’m not saying feedback from users is not important or that providing support is not important but I use async method for that i.e. I set up Discourse forum.

I did work at a company that used a service like crisp successfully but the context was different (the product was complex so there was a genuine reason to guide some people and they had a full-time support person during business hours).

About crisp on the website
It’s clearly not heavily used. Kinda’ like 1 in 50-60 users will hit us up. The idea is to provide a meaningful experience even for mobile or for Mac users - if they want to ask us anything about the app before trying it.

Do note that you don’t need to be online all the time - when support is “offline”, people leave their email and you get notified, reply and they get notified.

What I really like about crisp is auto triggers - so that I can have some messages show up tweaked on the page the user is visiting.

About what I want (on my desktop app)
About being disruptive - I totally agree about that. I’ve developed a tool about 10 years ago, and got swamped with customer requests over skype. However, this is very different. This tool - I only want to use it at the beginning - to gather feedback from early users.

The idea is to get the feedback while they’re using the app - so it’s even more meaningful. Clearly after the app gets more stable and I understand what/if I need to redesign stuff inside the app, I will remove this tool. Or, I can maybe have it so that I would appear online only for certain key users.

Even now, what I want is - to appear online only when I am at the computer.

Once the app is as intuitive as it should be, I will get back to an async method, as you suggest.
(clearly, the app is insanely intuitive to me, but I’m insanely biased here :slight_smile:)