Tips on Software Download, Review and Listing Pages

I’m currently working on posting my new desktop program in software listing pages. I want to get backlinks, user reviews and some traffic.

Any advice? I see that listing pages can put pressure on software publishers:

  • By NOT moderating user reviews, or doing so in their favour.
  • By writing and publishing themselves competitor’s pages, which are obviously unclaimed, but they can link those pages to your page.

I have a good list of the major Software List sites. I’m open to share it, just DM me. Some are exclusively for B2B, there are lots of management software listings for any sector you imagine! Although, most are quite open to any software category and also allow B2C.

A different, but related question: Anyone here using PAD files? They contain the basic info of your software so you can send you software specs faster, in an easy and standard way. I see they’re still a thing. Yet, they look old, outdated and clumsy as hell, but many pages still use them.

Also, for people using listing pages, do they make a substatial traffic/lead generation contribution for you?

I still use PAD files, but only because my setup is completely automated. The PAD gets regenerated for each version (my site is generated with Jekyll) and all the software directories know where the PAD file is; they just poll the URL and update their data.

I don’t really think it has a great benefit though.

I’m interested in the list.

All those pages died long time ago.