SpreadTheWorld - An Acquisition Channels Database for Startups

Hey there,

I just launched my new project: https://spreadtheworld.net/

It’s a database of 400+ places where you can post your project and get your first users.

The idea came from a list of startup directories I curated to launch my previous startup. I posted it on Reddit and get tons of upvotes.
So I decided to go deeper, provide more value for the makers/entrepreneurs, and make a product out of it!

It’s still in a pre-order, so any feedback is more than welcome!


Hello from the Makerlog!

Looks good, despite there are many “small impact” places like CrunchBase, I will still buy this because collecting all those links will cost me much more than $19. I can’t see it in the preview but hopefully, there are also all the software catalogues like Capterra, G2, GetApp, SaaSHub, AlternativeTo, and those old-school Softpedia, Softonic, CNET’s Download-dot-com, etc.

By the way, I would pay a few dozens more for an up-to-date list of the reporters who still write about new B2C software. Reporters change jobs and “beats” over time, so my list from 2017 is already too dated.

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There is all the Capterra, G2, GetApp yes! You’ll also find a list of blog that accept guest post.
I curated a list of 3500+ journalist contacts, I was wondering if I should sell it as a new product or as an premium package.

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Very cool man. Purchased.

Will include it in my newsletter next Friday.


Quick update on the project:

I launched officially a few days ago, on Twitter first then on IH.
I already got some feedback from the early users (like @ivm!) and started to improve it!

I’ll try to build in public as much as possible, so if you want to follow the journey → https://twitter.com/AngeZanetti