Side Project : Games with Gran

Side Project : Games with Gran

I’ve built a side project - Games With Gran.

“Classic games like Tic Tac Toe & Four in a Row and Checkers with built in super simple and secure video conferencing to help keep your family in touch.”

The idea was born in Covid Lockdowns to try and help my Grandparents keep in touch with my young kids using simple games.

As with all the best side projects I’ve given ZERO thought in how to market this or monitize this (though thats not a priority to be fair, should be very modest cost to run).

Hopefully some of you may find it useful.

Any ideas especially on Marketing / Monitizing?

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Some ideas on the monetization

Adverts - don’t want to go this route as it destroys the usability when gran or kid gets trigger happy and ends up somewhere they didn’t want to be.

Payment / Sub - could do, maybe easier as an App (iOS/Andorid) as all the payment infrastructure already setup.

Mobile App - should be easyish to adapt using something like IONIC but then not sure how would deal with people using PC’s. Looks like a lot of faff putting things in multiple app stores (never done it though).