Product Hunt's Founder Club: $360/yr for $5K AWS credits + Stripe credits

Now I regret not signup up during Early Access. They didn’t have the Stripe or Notion credit back then, as far as I can remember. With these new deals it seems like a no-brainer. If anyone has an invite left I would love one for brecht at bootstrapped dot ventures or send a PM.

Hi Steve, I just seen your post would you be so kind to share an invite my email address is devon@devonartis dot com. I am a new user so I can’t post my link.

My invite links are not working anymore. :frowning:

You’ll need someone else to invite you to get the discount.

Maximus, what stage is your startup at? anything they were looking for to get approved?

Self funded, no investors. I selected “pre-seed”.

Hey Steve,

It would be really helpful for us ! thanks for sharing this.

My email : j.lethoai@gmail. com

Thanks and stay safe !