Product Hunt's Founder Club: $360/yr for $5K AWS credits + Stripe credits

If you are using Stripe and AWS, joining Product Hunt’s Founder Club seems like a very good decision.

I joined a couple of weeks ago. As part of the benefits package I’ve already received:

  • credit with Stripe for my next $50K processing, which is worth about $1,250 to me.
  • $5K credit with AWS, valid for two years. As my monthly bill for AWS is about $150/month, this is worth $3,600K to me.

The yearly fee for Founder Club is steep, at $720. However I received an invite from an existing member which gave me access for half price (perhaps only for the first year - it is unclear to me).

So I paid $360, and I’ve already locked in almost $5K in savings on upcoming expenses.

I’m sure it is quite easy to find someone who can give you a discounted invite at $360. Perhaps if you ask nicely on this topic, someone lurking might DM you with an invite… :wink:


Do these discounts apply to existing customers? If so it sounds like a great deal. If anyone has an invite I’d be curious to check it out. :+1:

For AWS and Stripe, the answer seems to be yes. I was an existing customer of both, and my discounts have been granted for both.

There are many other discounts in the Founders Club program, but they seem to be mostly for new customers only.

Thanks for posting. I’m a bit confused with the difference with . Any experience?

Do you know if there are geographic limits, e.g. are Canadian corps eligible? Going through the sign up motions links you to their Terms of Use and Terms of Sale, but they’re just generic text that don’t seem to actually discuss Founder Club.

I don’t think so. I’m in Spain, and my company is Spanish. I was able to get the benefits.


That’s great to know, thanks! Now to find an invite code. . . :wink:

Thanks @SteveMcLeod - subscribed to Founders Club yesterday and the AWS credits were applied today.

It’s actually $5k AWS credits plus $5k business support ( which I think includes things like paid support.

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I haven’t heard from the
Founders Club until I see this thread. I looked at it and it looks fantastic :slight_smile:
I would ask quite nicely whether it would be possible that I could get an invite

You don’t need an invite, you can just sign up.

If you just sign up it costs $720/year.

With an invite, it is $360/year.

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Looking for a referral code as well (just joined, but am working on building an Online Travel Agency). Please reach out if you have one. Thanks!

Today I got my AWS bill - and the total was $0!

I also got my Stripe statement of fees paid - and the total was also $0!

In both cases, this is due to the credit I got from joining Product Hunt’s Founder Club.

It seems too good to be true, but it indeed is true.

So if you are still wanting that 50% discount, just PM me with your email address. (I need to give PH the email address so that they can send you the discount link.)


LOL, your suggestion was too subtle in your OP so I missed out!

Also $0 bill this month, will make my money back in two months :+1: thanks!

Hi, Steve!

I would be very happy if you could invite me to Product Hunt’s Founder Club!
My email is

Thanks in advance

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Hey Steve I’m so happy that I stumbled upon this post. You answered all my questions within just a few sentences. Thank you. I would love for the chance to join founders club, how do i find someone for an invite? Your guidance is truly appreciated thank you again. My email is alexander@kronozservices. com

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Hey Alexander, you should now have an invite in your inbox

Hi @SteveMcLeod, is there any chance you might be able to send an invite to me as well? It would be greatly appreciated and helpful for my business. My email address is seanhaufler@gmail. com

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Thanks for sharing this awesome tip, Steve! Can anyone here spare a Founder’s Club invite? My email address is justinbritten at gmail dot com. A big thanks in advance!!

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Thanks for the post @SteveMcLeod - I have been looking at Founders Club and initially thought it sounded to good to be true. Question - Does the business need to be part of an incubator to receive the [AWS Activate] credits? For any Founders Club members feeling generous would greatly appreciate an invite as well, pablo @proveoautomation dot com Thanks all!