Position in Google Search Result matters: A chart

I turned some data from Google Search Console for my site into a chart.

I guess most everyone here is keenly aware how important it is to rank highly in Google for search terms.

But to emphasise this, I charted keywords:

  • from the last 28 days; for which
  • I had at least 10 impressions; and
  • ranked on average in the top 10 positions (front page of Google results)

  • If a result has position 5 or worse, then the click-through rate is typically single digit.
  • Position 1 has a CTR typically twice as high as position 2
  • If the average position is 2.5 or worse, the CTR rate is 25% at best.

Interesting. The organic position might get even more important as Google put more ads and less organic results on the front page.

I tried to make a similar chart of my results, but I could not convince google docs to produce me a sensible chart.

I think the takeaway here is that CTR could be more related to the position than to the quality of the keyword.
So probably you are better off SEOing for relevant keywords that have lots of impressions but bad ranking. Increase their ranking and you’ll get increase of quality traffic. Just my 2 cents.

I did my own chart for PerfectTablePlan of average position (X) vs CTR % (Y). I think it looks pretty similar to yours @SteveMcLeod .

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