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Please give me feedback on this sign-up page


I’m partly writing here to kick off the Show & Tell category. But hey, this is also a chance for forum members to show off their smarts. Their diplomatic smarts.

Please tell me what I should do to improve this vapourware sign-up page:


Did I write “vapourware”? Of course I meant MVC pre-announcement.


Just a first gut feeling before having read any of it: it clearly being a Bootstrapped page is really off putting to me (I might be a bit of a design snob though), enough to quite honestly not even really consider whether the product would be something I’m interested in. Why is there a navigation bar at the top when there is nowhere to navigate to?



Thanks! Hopefully my target audience (online poker players) are not really too aware or concerned about Bootstrapped…


It’s beyond basic. It looks like version 0.1 and shouldn’t yet be live.


It needs much more.


Thanks for the feedback.

Some details: I made a working prototype of this product “SeeingStars” in September 2012, and demonstrated it via video on my blog, to gauge reaction, and to decide whether it was worth continuing. Then I got distracted by other things. Now I’ve decided to spend the next month getting it version 1.0.

I’ve had 932 uniques visitors (including 13 from this forum) , and 213 signups, even with this too basic page.

  • PokerStars? My target audience knows what PokerStars is and uses it every day. They are quite hungry for this product too.
  • Price? Good question. Adding it is good? Dang, that means I need to make a pricing decision.
  • 2,012. I’ve changed the year…yes, I created this page last year and didn’t realise the year was wrong.

Shouldn’t yet be live? Yep. Strange thing is, I’ve had 200+ sign-ups already. Which is why I’m resurrecting it and keen for feedback…


Hi Steve,

A few suggestions (that are pulled out of my arse and are flat out wrong if the data doesn’t support them, please test if you have enough traffic that it makes sense to):

  • That call to action is very close to below the fold on the massive monitor I use for development work. You could for example float the image right and reduce in size to pull the content up a little.
  • Put a border (even say, 1px solid #barely-visible-color) around the “Buy Seeing Stars” box in order to draw attention to and highlight it.
  • Change the button copy from “Submit” to “Get your 50% discount”, or something like that which clearly commands the user to receive something that is very valuable to them (“Submit” would be fine on a BDSM site, as @patio11 would tell you). Also, make the button massive (you have bootstrap, so give it class btn btn-large btn-success to make it stand out).
  • Consider adding some microcopy somewhere around the email form to the effect of “We won’t spam you or share your details”

Put together a quick comp of some of those suggestions via web inspector here. Would love to know if any of that makes a meaningful difference!


Looking at the page I think you could test moving “Hand worth playing?” (or sth similar) to the page header (I think that’s the most important eye catching question you’ll software will answer and probably the biggest pain users have). I’d move “Real time odds…” to sub header.