Pet Hates SasS 2016

This is just a rant, so feel free to ignore.

These are some of the things I see in every other SaaS (and sometimes downloadable software), and they just irritate me. It’s 2016, we should have gotten rid of this crap.

  1. How many of your customers are from Afghanistan? Seriously. So why does every app that makes me choose my country force me to scroll a hundred countries down to UK?

I’d think the majority (90%?) of your customers would come from a handful of countries. US, UK, Europe, Australia etc. So is Afghanistan at the top?

  1. Don’t force me to sign in to unsubscribe from your emails. And that’s when the email even has a unsubscribe button.

Even big companies like Amazon, Kickstarter are guilty of this.

  1. Finally, for the love of <insert your God here> , don’t force me to click and type unnecessary crap. I was using the Lastpass iPhone app, and wanted to save some data quickly. But oh no. How dare I pretend _my tim_e is more valuable than some fancy app? It forced me to create a folder, choose the folder, before it allowed me to save my 2 lines of data. Their website is the same, so its not the fault of the app programmer.

I now have folders like F%&£you1 , F$%^kyou2.

Want to use a time tracking software? You have to create a project, have to create a client, set a billing rate, before you can log 5 minutes of data.

It seems to me programmers are so anal retentive, they must have everything in neat little boxes. Or the code won’t work!

Notable exception : Freckle. It’s just wow. So easy to use. You can log time with no project, on every single screen. But it’s just the exception that proves the rule. How shocking: Someone built a software by actually looking from the customers point of view!

Ten years ago, I read The Inmates are running the asylum (the book is older than that). It seems nothing has changed since.

Sorry, end of rant.


I’m seconding this rant :slight_smile:

I third this rant.

These are easy things to fix, too. Which I think makes them more frustrating.

That is your own fault. Us, people living in countries starting with C, do not really notice that problem :stuck_out_tongue:

(Technical solution for that should be quite simple, right? Match the visitor IP to the country IP list, and pre-populate the field).

P.S. I like Freckle a lot, too.


It really gets funny when the website half-heartedly localizes country names. Living in Germany you don’t know where to check: Germany or Deutschland? :slight_smile:

Oh also don’t get me started on the whole EU thing … “What - you’re currently living in Germany but have a VISA card that has been issued by a Dutch bank?! Better block you from the purchase because that doesn’t seem right!”

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Try living in Ireland:
Eire (a firm favourite with UK companies)
Republic of Ireland
United Kingdom (yes, it’s incorrect but no one seems to care)

Pretty much to whole list!

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