On publishing and blogging platforms

ah okay. Do you happen to know if substack allows to set a canonical for content?

I don’t know but I doubt it. You can’t even set your own domain.

yeah, okay. I guess it’s not. From a SEO point of view, I would delay sending any content you also publish on your blog there then. Otherwise it might be considered the real source and take your traffic

I’ve tried both alternatives and found that a CMS with an easily customisable template was best for my needs - currently I manage another B2B blog that runs on Squarespace (sigh).

The other day someone posted an article about privacy on HN. People there commented about the irony that his site had plenty of trackers… author said he was using Squarespace.

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Yeah, privacy-friendly and using a major platform isn’t something that goes together easily. I’ve started to de-google my systems (never used Chrome), migrated email off and just go newsletters in Gmail now and moving Analytics to Umami atm.

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What’s your site/newsletter?

This is mine: hima.substack .com