My idea: Start building beautiful courses for more leads

Hey bootstrappers,

I just created a landing page for my new project that has the goal to bring together especially SAAS businesses with potential costumers or in other words to generate highly targeted leads by providing beautiful courses.

I have already posted some weeks ago in this forum and could talk to some interesting people since then who helped me to sharpen my idea. So again, since I am a good programmer, but not so good copywriter, I need your help.

Do you have any wishes or feedback? How can I improve this landing page?

I really like the idea. My biggest question is about the using existing content. Great! Less work for me! But how does that work? Can I give you some blog posts and videos and will they be automatically turned into courses? Is this something that can be done in under X hours/minutes? Show me an example of that process.


I could say that from this landing page it is hard to understand how your project will work and how it helps. Even if the project isn’t ready and you want to collect the emails for the future and to understand whether people need this product, you should persuade the users to leave their emails. As for now, your content is full of empty phrases and it gives the impression of a raw product. Think more about marketing. Find your target audience first, feel its needs, show examples, explain more how to use this, rid the audience of a fear of violating copyright. Good luck!

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I will take the show me how into consideration if I rework the landing page. Thank you for the feedback.