My appearance on the “First 10” podcast

The “First 10” podcast has an interesting premise:

The First 10 Podcast interviews business builders on their First 10 Customers - who they were, how they found them, and what effect they had on their business, so that you can learn what worked, and what didn’t.

I had the opportunity to be a guest on the most recent episode. I talked about how I got the first 10 post-acquisition customers for Saber Feedback:


@SteveMcLeod In the podcast there was a discussion about SaaS marketing books. I think you mentioned “Traction” by Gabriel Weinberg. One other book, which I think is even more valuable is “Roadmap to Revenue” by K. Zhivago. The thing is, it turns the question of marketing around, from: How can I market to my customers? To: How do my customers want to buy?

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