Modern, and social, travel planning. Finally, no more spreadsheets!

My friends and I built Blue Planit, a travel planning app, to accomplish two things:

  1. Make it faster and easier to plan a trip.
    How - autofill event details and mark on map. Fast drag and drop of events with all details.

  2. Enable anyone to discover itineraries others have created and start planning with existing trips. How - copy the entirety of existing trips others have created that can then be customized.

We built Blue Planit because when planning our own trips, we always defaulted to using a shared Google Doc and marking Google Maps. It was always so manual and time consuming, so we decided to build a more integrated and automated solution that also brought the social aspect of discovering trip itineraries others have made. We loved the design of Trello so were inspired to use dran-n-drop cards in our design.

Would love for you to check it out and provide any feedback after you’ve tried it out! (Google “blue planit”, I can’t post a link)

Soon to come! Real-time collaborative trip planning (like editing Google Docs simultaneously)