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MicroConf Europe 2015 Talk Recaps / Notes


Hey folks,

MicroConf Europe took place last week in Barcelona.
I took extensive notes of all the talks (transcripts for many talks will follow), which you can find here: http://www.it-engelhardt.de/microconf-europe-2015-notes-and-noteworthy/


PS: Notes to Peldi’s talk are password-protected as requested by him. Sorry, folks


Awesome tradition, Christoph! Thank you :slight_smile:


Thanks Christoph, for your excellent note-taking-as-a-service!


Thanks for the kind words, @irina & @SteveMcLeod.
I always enjoy doing them and get a kick out of it. So I do it for entirely selfish reasons :wink:
Just kidding, it’s a small way to give back to the community.