Looking for Email Service that lets me easily Poll users and store that in their profile

I want to be able to ask our readers questions:

  1. What is your top goal ? { Speech, Reading, Writing}
  2. What’s your biggest obstacle? {Lack of therapy, no therapist}

And then when they submit their Survey (form) it would save that in their profile’s Fields:

.BiggestObstacle=No Therapist

Then that gets stored in their profile and then send emails based on that.

So I want to show a form and update their record.


  1. Email the user a link to a survey that prepopulates their ID (perhaps in a hidden field) e.g., Survey.com?UserEmail=user@email.com
  2. The completed form is then submitted to the Email Service Provider with that ID included. Email Service Providers already do something like this for updating User Preferences. I’d just want to have a Customer User Preferences page to show them. (One where I decide which fields are shown to them)
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@Clay_Nichols Good idea!

Two things to consider:

  • you can’t have a form in an email. Just a link to a survey
  • You need to manually “code” the goals and obstacles, because users will use wildly different word to mean the same thing, e.g. Speech Speach Speec Talk Speaking Talking conversation …

I’m not aware of a fully integrated solution.

If you are using a third party survey provider that can send emails with each answer (e.g. Google Form, Contact Form 7 for Wordpress etc.) or if you’re creating your own form, you can use a service like Zapier Parser or Parseur.com to get the data from the email and send it back to your app through a webhook for instance.

Then you can handle the logic on your end and send appropriate emails. Services such as Mailjet, Sendgrid and many more let you create nice looking responsive email templates and fill them with the data you send from your app.

Disclaimer, I’m the co-founder of Parseur :slight_smile:. Zapier and Webhook integrations are available on Parseur but not advertised at the moment. Just reach out if you need some assistance!

You are quite right: the intent was that we’d show the user a LIST to choose from. And the email would have a link to a survey/form. See my update to question.

Check out what Brennan Dunn is doing here https://doubleyourfreelancing.com/drip-course/ - dig around free stuff explaining what he does and sign up for double your freelancing (https://doubleyourfreelancing.com/) just to see it in action.

  • He keeps track of what people view on his site (different categories) so he knows if someone is a “Developer” or “Designer” etc.
  • In some of his email courses he asks surveys too.
  • He records that info in Drip I believe (https://www.drip.co/) but also talks about being able to do the same in Convert Kit (and I know you can also do this in MailChimp and most probably others too).
  • He then uses that profile to both customize his website and drive his customised emails (marketing automation) - so things like headlines on site speak to “Developer” or “Designer” - emails are subtly different depending on how you’ve identified yourself, what you’re interested in, the actions you’ve already taken etc.

Personally I would be wary about making the email platform the ‘system of record’ and would want to use something else and sync that with the email marketing platform. But thats probably complicating things for your first experiments with this.

activecampaign also offers a solution with forms and user profile storage and sending emails. It is still some work, though.

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Yep, the’ll do that.
You can send a link to en existing subscriber, append their email as a ?param to a link to one of their Forms and then that info goes into their record.

It turns out that GetResponse.com does this. It’s also got lots of cool features.

I THOUGHT they did it when I first found them. But chatted with 3 CSRs who said “nope, can’t do that”. And I spent a LOT of time with the 3rd one.

Then I happened to ask a 4th one and she said “oh, use Surveys”. Sighh… 3 out of 4 CSRS were doing active harm to their marketing.