List of resources to promote SaaS?

So there is a betalist. Is there anything else?

They didn’t ban me on Google. Just looking for a cheap (expensive will also work) and battle tested magic bullet.

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Marketing would depend on your product vertical. SaaS is just a distribution model. What does your product do?

Cloud Data Integration

I had seen etlworks before in this forum and was very impressed! Didn’t recollect it was by you.

Let me quickly dump the ways in which I’ve found users. I hope there is something new for you here:

  • Medium. My product is in the designer/front-end developer niche (, and Medium is a watering hole for a lot of such folks. Starting from scratch is hard, so we posted to an existing publication with 10k readers in this niche. (here’s one post link).

  • Subreddits. For me these have been reddit/r/webdev and reddit/r/sketch.

  • There are a lot of Slack channels for various niches, but I’ve never felt comfortable hawking there.

  • Watching Twitter for mention about related/competing products and reaching out to them. There is a tool called which emulates human-like behaviour on Twitter. It is described in detail here - This is an aggressive tactic and I don’t have firsthand experience.

  • Getting featured in Newsletters related to your niche. This has worked really well for me. I don’t know any newsletters that directly map to your niche, the closest I can think of is

Thanks a lot!

Bookmarked socedo and softwareleadweekly.

And then there’s this old thread:

Awesome. Let’s get this thing promoted! It deserves it.

Side question. How important is sign up page?

So far we got all our customers “by invitation”, mostly utilizing leads from