Launch of Agent 007 and marketing channels

Hi all,

I’ve just launched Agent 007 ( for Real Estate agents in Australia. Whilst I have 2 current non-paying customers who I found through cold calling doing idea extraction (finding their pain points) on, Im struggling to hit a repeatable channel which brings me traffic and of course conversions.

I sold out of my B2C subscription pet food business earlier in the year (never go into B2C with low margins and bulky products :-)) and living off the dwindling profits of the sell out. With that it was easy, I SEO’d the crap out of a few google keywords for pet food.

This time its proving very hard. I’ve considered Capterra or similar (G2Crowd etc) and Ive also joined a load of Realtor Facebook groups who commonly list this problem. However its not an automated solution trying to find an email or phone number from a Facebook name and most groups will kick you out if you self promote.

Yes I should have figured this out a while ago, but does anyone have any suggestions for Real Estate software?

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Hi courtz

My first though is to get a if you’re targeting Australia.

You say there are Facebook groups for real estate agents. Have you tried targeting them through paid advertising? What about starting your own Facebook or Linkedin groups to help agents market their services?

Congrats on the launch! How’s it going so far?

Glad to answer any questions you have about G2 Crowd. Just let me know. (NOTE: I work there.) Our real estate-relate category is growing quickly!

While I haven’t used them myself, turning an agent’s name into contact details would seem to be a good task for odesk, freelancer, or one of the other outsourcing sites out there. It should be relatively straightforward, I would imagine, to stick an agent’s name into Google and get details. Put the list of names into a gDoc spreadsheet, point an odesk contractor at it, and voila! should be done in no time.

Another option might be to try and get access to some sort of registry of real estate agents, to try and do textual matching against that. I don’t know how practical that would be, depending on your technical skill level and how tightly held the registries are.

Good luck, and congrats on launching.

Hi matt, do you think its a good idea to just create a huge mailing list of agents without actual optin from them? As in cold emails?

No, I wouldn’t recommend just cold-spamming everyone on the group. That’ll pretty much guarantee you get a bad name for yourself in your target market – never a winning outcome.

The way I read your initial message is that you had noticed many agents mentioning they had the problem you had a solution for, but were stuck getting contact details for them so you could individually(ish) follow-up. My recommendation would be to send a personal-sounding e-mail (probably chosen from a few well-written templates, perhaps lightly customised as appropriate) to each prospect, after they’ve expressed a need for your product.

Just a side note, my 2cents on the video, which is very nice overall. But the voice sounds too reverberated. You can hear its been recorded in a room, far from the mic, which makes the video a bit unprofessional…

I would run the voice-track through a compressor or a limiter, playing with the settings. Or use this technique to remove the echo. Or even better hire someone from Fiverr to do that (google for “fiverr remove echo audio” or something).

ps. sorry for an irrelevant comment. I was a sound engineer long ago:)

Thanks Daniel. I don’t have a huge budget for marketing but certainly something I will look into.

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Hey Matt, Thanks. Yep in the Facebook groups I’m in they often mention the problem of responding to leads and how time consuming that can be, especially for very little return on buyers.

I guess the only way would be to call them personally and introduce myself? I just find sitting and calling all day isnt automated enough and is very time consuming really…

@jitbit yeah i agree. will fix it up. it does sound horrible and unprofessional. What kind of product would someone get if the product owner cant even be bothered to have a decent sound quality…

Hey, would love to hear what came of this in the end. It seems Agent 007 has shut down but I’m curious if it lead to something. I’m asking as I’m working on an idea in the real estate space myself.