Introducing Cloud Campaign

Hi fellow bootstrappers!

I’m pleased to introduce my company, Cloud Campaign. It’s a social media management platform, similar to Hootsuite, but with a modern take. Using machine learning and automation, the modern tech stack can deliver much more than existing SMM tools, IMO.

The biggest differentiator is the ability to trigger social media posts on trends, weather, and more. In some ways, it’s like IFTTT built specifically for social media.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the idea / product / site. Also if you have any questions specific to social media, I’d love to share any unique domain knowledge I may or may not have :upside_down_face:

Thanks so much!

Welcome! I’ve edited your post to make your link clickable.

Thanks @SteveMcLeod! :+1:

The animated examples in the second panel of your site are really nice. Really helped me understand what the platform does. (I’m a fan of IFTTT.)

If visitors aren’t familiar with your product, I’d suggest moving the animated examples above the early access email box so they’re visible on first page load.

As a user, can you see a history of how often a post is triggered? And limit how frequently a post is triggered? I’m imagining I make the mistake of triggering a post when SF is foggy and a flood of duplicate tweets is released.

Thanks for the feedback Nicki! Glad you found the animated section useful :slightly_smiling_face: I’m a bit reluctant to move the CTA out of the hero section though, since getting new users is my end goal after all. I figured if people are the slightest bit interested, they scroll down and see the remainder of the content.

I could be wrong, this is just my take on it. I suppose I could install something like Mixpanel to see how many people make it past the fold.

haha yes, great point, and being from SF I love the fog example. You can specify a frequency as well as a quiet period. So for example, you can say post whenever it is foggy in San Francisco AND below 65 F° at most once per day between 10AM and 4PM local time. This would be great for something like a coffee shop that may want to only post when it’s foggy to attract customers, so for them it wouldn’t really be relevant during hours that they’re closed.

There are 2 steps to setting up a weather trigger. Conditions and frequency. I’ve added a screenshot of the frequency setup below so you can see :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s the Weather configuration. Since I’m new, I could only post a single picture per reply

Ooooh, cool! So many fun options. Nice design work, too. I’d love to hear what you find out about viewers who scroll past the fold but if things seem to be working well, time might be better spent elsewhere.

I appreciate the quiet period. Looks like you’ve really thought this through. :slight_smile:

Thanks! As I’m sure you’ve experienced with moneytron, the best features come out of dog fooding. I use Cloud Campaign religiously now :upside_down_face: it’s addicting once you start going