I recently launched a new blogging platform and would love feedback

Hi all!

my name is Vito, pleased to meet you. I am a web developer based in Espoo, Finland, wearing more hats than usual since I launched my product.

I’ve read about other people’s startups here so I thought I’d sign up and share mine :slight_smile:

A few weeks ago I launched DynaBlogger (https:// www. dynablogger .com - looks like I cannot add links yet… hope this is OK) as a simpler alternative to complex publishing platforms like Wordpress, for people who find it overkill for their needs but would still like all the features they really need for a great, focused publishing experience.

Wordpress is very powerful, it can do a lot of things but comes with features you may never need if all you want is to be able to publish content. DynaBlogger is simpler and to the point, but it still offers a powerful text editor, an in-app theme editor that allows you to customise any aspect of your site, custom domains, and collaboration (you, the site owner, can set permissions for collaborators). Ghost is perhaps similar to DynaBlogger, but DynaBlogger is more affordable while offering most of the same features with several improvements.

To make the migration of existing blogs easier, DynaBlogger allows importing content from Wordpress or Ghost.

DynaBlogger has a free plan, so trying it is easy. I am at a very early stage, so I would love if you could sign up, try it, and give me as much feedback as possible. If you then like it and would like to stay and upgrade to a paid plan, with the EARLYBIRD coupon code you can have the first 3 months at half price. 2 months are also free if you choose a yearly plan.

Again, at this stage the product is constantly evolving and any feedback would be super useful. Thanks in advance!


Welcome Vito.

Here’s a clickable link: https://www.dynablogger.com

Thanks a lot Steve! :slight_smile: