How to get product feedback from our community

Rule 1: Don’t be a fly-by poster.

It is the only rule, actually.

A fly-by poster creates an account, posts a self-promoting post, doesn’t interact with any other posts, and typically doesn’t even bother coming back.

It is slightly annoying but also an ineffective way to use our community.

These posts typically get deleted or unlisted by the community mods.

A better way to use our community to promote yourself:

  1. Sign up, and read a few posts to get a feel for our community’s style.
  2. Write some helpful comments on existing posts. Build up a reputation over time as knowledgeable and helpful.
  3. Only then should you write your self-promoting post.
  4. Interact with every comment you get - always in a polite way: eg. “Thanks for the feedback.”, “That’s interesting, I’ll consider that.”
  5. Continue to comment on other posts.
  6. Post an update on your own post.

Yes, this takes a long time and some commitment. The difference though, is that it actually works. Not just on this community, but on online communities in general.

Fly-by posting by newcomers simply doesn’t work as a way of promoting oneself.