Hi, I'm Matt and I'm working on an app for improving confidence and social skills

Hey everyone,

I’ve been lurking here for a while now. @coreysnipes recommended I check this place out. Seems like a great community with lots of knowledge.

I have a website called https://metamorf.us, and it is a place to improve social skills and increase your confidence by taking on challenges. A challenge is something like “say hi to five people” or “dance like no one is watching”.

I am reasonably happy with how its going so far. We are approaching 2000 users and activity is slowly (very slowly) but surely increasing. I’ve not marketed the site whatsoever thus far, I’m more focusing on making it a useful tool. There’s still a couple features I think it really needs before it can truly accomplish its goals.

I’d love any feedback or ideas you all might have. And I’m looking forward to contributing here.

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I found myself looking for info on pricing. Eventually I stumbled upon the small “It’s completely free”. Make this clearer?

Are you measuring the ratio of unique first time landing page visits to new sign-ups? If so, I’d recommend focussing on optimising that ratio as an initial step to marketing.

Welcome @mattgreer! I do love this app, and I think a lot of us “developer turned marketer” types can find a lot of fun, useful exercises in there. The public commitment aspect is nice. I believe you were considering tailoring it to sales teams, in order to monetize a bit. Is that still the plan?

@SteveMcLeod Thanks for the feedback. Good point, I’ll make the fact that it’s free more prominent. My currently problem isn’t lack of sign ups, it’s rather lack of sign ups that then become active. I have a good core group of users who are active on the site and they are gradually increasing, but I’d really like activity to increase a good deal more.

But to be sure, just getting more sign ups in general could solve that problem too. A site like this will always have a low active percentage I think, I’m sure weight loss sites, exercise sites, anything that requires the user to work on themselves has a low active/inactive user ratio.

Thanks @coreysnipes. We decided to put the sales team idea on hold for now, but we will likely revisit it down the road.

I might not be quite the target audience for this forum, because I’m not sure I want to monetize the site. My dream is for it to survive on sponsorships and donations. There are other competitors to my site and they are all trying to monetize and it just feels weird to monetize on this type of stuff, I also feel like it’s clouding their vision a little. Secondary dream being bought out by a health care company that still lets me work on it :slight_smile:

hmm, i like this approach. smart long-term thinking and lower the barriers to entry for users. I don’t know about your competition but as a user, seeing it’s free, it makes me feel I have no excuse not to (if it really benefits me).

At how many users will you start actively looking for sponsors or will you wait for them to contact you?

I’d love to hear more about that.

Hey @jadb, I still need to prove to myself there really is a viable website here. I’ve gotten positive feedback from some users, but the momentum isn’t quite there yet.

My plan is keep fleshing the site out a bit longer, move into marketing and spreading the word on it, and then from there see where I land. If I feel like I have something, then I’ll move into pursuing sponsors and donations.

@mattgreer makes sense. Keep us posted and good luck.

@mattgreer if you want to increase engagement, I’d do a simple nag email once in a while to the people who haven’t logged in or taken action in a certain period. I am one of those people who signed up and poked around, and likes the idea, but just never got started. If metamorph sent me an email prodding me with some easy way to get started (“here are the 3 most popular challenges” “click here to commit to challenge X” etc ) I’d probably get off my butt and do it.

That’s on my list and is coming soon. I should probably have email nagging in place in a couple weeks or so.

I think there’s an art to nagging :slight_smile: happify.com is kind of a competitor to metamorfus and boy they nag a lot. Actually kinda turned me off to the service.

Imho they’re on the better side of nagging though. By nagging people who aren’t using the product aggressively, people either get pushed into using it, or unsubscribe. They make a conscious decision, you get a result.

By not nagging enough, you’re not activating as many users as you could. Since what you’re doing helps them improve their lives, not nagging them enough because you don’t want to turn them off is arguably the more selfish thing to do :wink:


You make a really good point @Ramin. You definitely gave me a fresh viewpoint on email nags and made me change my mind. So thank you for that. I will definitely move into more email notifications soon.

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Glad to hear that :slight_smile: