Hi, I'm JP from Montreal 👋

Hello, Bootstrappers!

I’m JP, a developer, and entrepreneur. I’m originally from France but I’ve settled at Montreal 7 years ago now.

During the day, I’m a developer at a SaaS company I’ve co-founded. I’m also making side projects that I hope one day will also be a great SaaS tool one day.

My latest side project is called Docbrew, it’s a tool for small and medium businesses to create invoices! I’ve got many ideas but I’m taking my time to learn about validation. :nerd_face:

My quick todo list:

  • Improve the landing page
  • Validate, exchange with interested people.
  • get users

I look forward to exchanging with you!



Welcome JP.

I’ve added a link to your site. Let me know if I got the wrong URL!

Hello SteveMcLeod,

you got the right url, thank you very much! :grinning:

Invoicing! … You are a brave man… I use FreshBooks to invoice my clients… Most my invoices are on automatic… payments go into my stripe account and my customers put me on auto payment as well… I also use FreshBooks for my simple accounting…

What niche are you trying to get into with your invoicing system? How does it differentiate from others like FreshBooks?

Hello Serge!

Thanks for your message, there’s a lot of interesting information. Automations is indeed something interesting. Set it and forget it. I’m not there yet! I’ll look at Zapier to do that.

I’m trying to get mostly into SMB. Right now with the Virus, everything is on hold :sweat_smile:
I’ve just started so I have not find a way yet to differentiate from others as I need more time by building the product and with feedback.