Hi, I'm Daniel from Germany

Hi, my name is Daniel and I’m currently living in Germany, Augsburg (near Munich).

For the past years I’ve been working as software developer for “the-man” but found myself unhappy in every job after a short while. So last year I started my first product www.browseemall.com on the side. Mid 2013 I quite my job to travel around the world with my wife on a motorcycle (crazy that). We did not quite make it around the world quite yet (we travel about 3 months at a time) but we had lots of great experiences so far.

After we came back in December for a travel break I decided to go full time on the product which is not doing to bad right now but not nearly as much as my salary was before. Main problem is that the product is a desktop app so we start at 0,- revenue each month and I’m not really that good at marketing either. Still learning a lot every day which is great.

Now I’ll try to get the second product BrowserStage (SAAS this time) out the door (still so much to do) because doing only one product would be to easy right :smile:

So that’s all there is to say about me I guess, I hope to make a small contribution to this forum now and then, and I love the podcast!

Cheers, Daniel


Hi Daniel. Welcome to the forums!

Hey Daniel! I’m glad you made it here to the forums. It will be cool to learn more about your experiences with downloadable software vs. SaaS.

Thanks :smile:

Ask away if you have any questions regarding downloadable apps…

Hi @danielherken, welcome to the forum!

When I hear stories like yours or @SteveMcLeod 's I really can’t understand people who speaks of “life style business” as if it was a bad thing.