Hey there! I'm Fabio

Hi everyone,

I’ve been lurking around for a few days already and reading what everyone is posting :slight_smile:

My name is Fabio and I’m a product manager by day, aspiring bootstrapped indie hacker by night. I just started a small saas product to help companies that run affiliate programs to monitor and make sure none of their affiliates are funneling brand traffic into affiliate links.

Brave Browser was my first customer and they have already flagged over 40 misbehaving affiliates and thus saved a ton of money. I’m currently looking for more customers, specially Saas companies as their recurring affiliate models seem to attract a lot of Brand Spoofers :slight_smile:

If you run an affiliate program and want to try it out, send me a message :wink:




Nifty product @Fkrauss. I’m curious—what led to you solving this specific problem?

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well, I’ve done that myself with many affiliate programs (mainly in Bitcoin, and with perpetual commissions) and saw that no one really had a system for it. The closest thing available was Brand Verity, which comes bundled with a ton of crap that is only useful for very huge brands and huge pricetag (their lowest plan starts at 800 USD per month).

Then, I tried to solve the problem myself by writing some python scripts. I had plenty of success finding brand spoofers in almost any affiliate program I would try. Since I was never got caught doing that I was pretty sure no one was checking and people were just living with the fact that part of your affiliates would scam you in that way.

Funny enough, all the marketers I approached ignored me. Whenever I’d go do the CEO, I would get replies. For some I gave the reports for free as their brands were small and it would probably not make sense to pay every month for such a product.

To sum it up:

  • saw no one tackling it
  • closest thing was really high end and expensive
  • Built a script without a lot of sophistication that works 95% of the time
  • and a growing market of micro and midsized saas that have both a recurring business model and these perpetual affiliate programs (very ripe for people to game the system as the reward of a perpetual stream of income is very attractive), makes me think this has potential