👋 Hey! I'm Brendan from SEO for the Rest of Us

Hey there! I’m Brendan, and I’m not sure that I totally belong here because I did take an investment from my mom once.

Ok, not a “real” investment. She just bought me some blank CDs so I could rent CDs from the library, burn them onto the blanks, and sell them at school. I still don’t think she knows that I sold them at school, haha.

Anyways, I guess my story starts with me sitting in my college cafeteria about seventeen years ago, holding this giant course catalog and being told to decide on a major.

Apparently we think it’s a great idea to let 18 year olds take on a ton of debt and decide their course in life.

In that moment, I decided to be a teacher. But, like most teachers, I went through college and did everything right, only to be rewarded with a lackluster career.

But I still did everything I could to get ahead: I started a business. I became an assistant principal.

Again, what was I rewarded with? 25 extra lbs. on my midsection, Sunday night panic attacks, and an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. All for the privilege of being the lowest paid assistant principal in my state (I know because I checked. Sigh).

Externally, things looked amazing. I was advancing in my career, I had a cool side business, I had a $1500/mo business coach and everything I put out into the world screamed SUCCESS.

But inside, I was dying. My business was failing. My career was failing. I couldn’t sleep. AND, I had a new baby to take care of.

I asked my family for money and was told no. Everything I used to build my business was crashing down around me (especially that good old 100% organic Facebook and Instagram reach).

In a moment of clarity, I decided that I was either going to sell my businesses or shut them down.

Within the next six months, I sold my businesses and doubled down on the only thing that I’d ever seen work in my business, organic traffic from Google.


So I got really good at SEO, first on my own sites, and then for clients. Getting extremely good at SEO has radically changed my life.

Obviously, I wouldn’t change anything about my experience, but a small part of me wishes that something like this existed when I was in college. If I did, we’d be having an entirely different conversation right now.

Currently, I’m an agency SEO Director working with $90M+ venture backed startups and a few badass bootstrapped startups, and I’m also the founder of a small, amazing SEO community.

:zap: I’ve noticed from other intro threads that people often ask questions based on the person’s expertise, so here’s what I’d love to do: :zap:

If you post your startup’s site below, I’ll give you direct feedback on how you can get more customers through SEO.

Looking forward to sharing everything i know here with fellow founders! :coffee: :coffee:


Welcome, Brendan! Feel free to add a link to your SEO community.

@SteveMcLeod I may have to wait a bit as I’m still too new to add links. :new: :new:

Hi Brendan! I’d be happy to get some advice. My site is PartsBox, https://partsbox.io/ and while I think I’m not doing catastrophically bad (I picked most of the low-hanging technical fuit), I would really like to improve.

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Got any SEO advice that would improve the Bootstrapped podcast’s home page: http://bootstrapped.fm/ ?

@jwr it looks like you’re trying to focus on Bill of Materials pricing and inventory? Who is this for?

@SteveMcLeod - it looks like you’re #2 for bootstrap software podcast behind Bootstrapped Web. As far as a homepage, I think the first move I’d make is getting rid of the timeline-esque blogroll and focus 100% on your best episodes of all time. The latest blog post (or episode in your case) is almost never the best thing to show a new site visitor. Ideally, what would you want to rank for?


Thanks. Changing the homepage format make sense.

Wow, @BrendanHufford . Very cool! I’m certainly open to/interested in feedback; I’m at http://lerner.co.il/ .