Hey, I'm Andrey

I’m joining this community because I’m a developer in a bootstrapped startup.

I have a lot of experience in automating internal business processes in companies. So if you want some advice and want to consult someone regarding how to automate something in your business - I will be eager to help.

Welcome. Can you recommend any tools for mapping the current process and then the automated process? I have been looking for tools for value stream mapping, activity based costing, and process simulation and would welcome any suggestions.

I haven’t been working in a company big enough so using process mining and simulation was economically valuable. My experience is in smaller companies, the largest one was with around 500 people on the business side. But it was still a startup, so processes were changing faster than we could possibly map them. So my advice on this topic is very limited, however, I have been researchinging this space for a while.

Celonis is one of the leaders in the process mining space.
As for the process simulation, once the process is mapped and converted to BPMN diagram - you can run it in Camunda workflow engine. Whatever tool for process mining you chose, you want ideally to be able to convert the output to BPMN format. It’s the standard for describing processes and you will be able to simulate it in most of the tools available.

Andrey: Thanks that was very helpful. I have sent you a private message with more details.

Sean Murphy www.skmurphy.com