Hello, its me Valentino 👋

Hey everyone,
my name is Valentino I am a frontend-developer / designer, currently I live in Stuttgart.
Professionally I started my own business as a classic internet agency about a year ago with two colleagues from my university, the name of our company is cyclus.digital GmbH. We are currently developing our own Headless CMS and are planning to publish our product next summer. The product is already being used by some of our clients.

I am happy to have found a forum where like-minded people can share their experiences and ideas.

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Welcome Valetino! Does your Headless CMS have a name and website yet?

Yes the name is caisy (content easy), the landing page will launch at mid of january we are also launching another product on february. The other product will be a template generator which is realted to caisy. But first on our list is the website for our agency :slight_smile: which will launch till the end of the year.