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Hello, I'm Naveen from hellonext.co


Good morning,

I’ll give a background of who I am and what I seek from this community. I can see a lot of healthy discussions happening here and I am so excited to be a part of this.

So, I am a Lead Engineer at Skcript and I am also building hellonext which is focussed on unifying the feedback management and organizing process in one place. :tada:

hellonext was started when we(at Skcript) can’t handle all our feedbacks from different channels in one place and we started missing out handling those feedbacks and feature requests. All we did was sending them an automated emails and few a times we forgot to keep them in loop. And this problem needs solution and thus started hellonext :fire:

If you are probably going to ask what’s the difference between similar products in the market, the answer is the way hellonext is going to unify them and organize them in categorical as well as in terms of prioritization.

So, signing off this introduction post and will be there to learn along with the community :clinking_glasses:



Compliment on the design, looks clean and nice: https://hellonext.co

I saw that you have your blog running on https://medium.com/hellonext. Does it get you some converting leads? Heard different experiences on that.


what I don’t understand, is it kind of tool to gather feedback from somebody’s site like UserVote? If so, I didn’t find any demo…


Oh, NO!

Be careful when you use photos from stocks…


Oh NO! … Be careful when you use photos from stocks…

Does it matter? How likely is it that an actual customer will spot that the photo is used in other unrelated places amongst the zillion sites on the internet?

Aren’t there better things to spend your time and money on in the early days?


Sorry @AlexHeerens, for the late reply. Took a mini vacation in the weekend. :wink:

And yes, I am running the blog in medium and so far there aren’t many conversations from there. And I am from a developer background and this is totally new to me. Learning day by day. I would be happy to hear some suggestions that might help me in taking the right directions in the next steps.

Thank you for the compliments on the design. :smiley:


Hello @K.Rains, I am working on the landing page to make it more understanding. I got a lot of feedbacks from the people I know saying the same. It isn’t conveying anything with clarity. Anyways, pushing new changes in a day or two.

You can find the public-facing demo in the “Try” option in homepage.
The admin dashboard looks will be available only after you sign-up. I am pushing those screenshots in the landing page in the next coming version and that might help you in getting some idea on the managing section.

And yes, hellonext’s one of the core idea might looks similar to Uservoice, but comes with other core features that helps organizations. I haven’t heard about UserVote. If you don’t mind, share me the link and I can check them and update you on that.

Please, ask me if you have any more doubts! I am here to answer. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

P.S. Thanks for taking time in giving some suggestions.


I think those stock images are licensed to reuse. Anyways, I’ll take a look at them too. Thanks, @K.Rains :smiley:


Hahaha @Rhino. Do you got any suggestions for hellonext? If so, please tell me. It would be helpful for me to work on them. :smiley:


Hi @nav_devl
thanks for your response. I see now how I can try and I did :slight_smile:

As for UserVote, I probably meant uservoice but right yesterday I found another service that is doing pretty much the same: https://getconflux.com/ but they call it “feature request” so you kind of mixing 2 things: feedback and features requests. Anyway, the question is how you would differentiate from similar services?

Relative to the picture you use, of course, it’s reusable but the problem is I see these pictures everywhere, everyday what makes every site looks like each other. I believe founders usually are trying to differentiate from other websites, aren’t they? :wink:


Maybe it doesn’t matter for anyone but it definitely does matter for founders, especially if end users are developers and founders that see all the same pictures everywhere - putting the same pictures and using the same designs just prevent new webapps from looking differently from tons of others.


The ideology difference between Conflux and hellonext.co is that “Conflux” focuses on the user-side experience and hellonext’s mission is to have a balance on providing user-experience as well as to give a better managing experience for the product managers. This aids in eliminating the pain points that has been faced by every product managers. I interviewed a lot of product managers and sat down to understand their pain points and moving hellonext to focus on solving on pointer at a time. I hope this explanation helps, @K.Rains


Welcome, Naveen, to a crowded market. I’m a competitor :slight_smile:


Hello @SteveMcLeod, Nice to meet you here. :slight_smile:


Hi Steve,
I noticed your blog is integrated with Medium. I heard Medium removed the integration feature some time ago. But I notice many blogs are still integrated. May I ask you, how come? Thanks!


If you already had the integration before the change in Medium policy, you got to keep it.

I’m in the process of moving the blog off Medium anyway. Too many annoying Medium popups and upsells that my blog readers get exposed to.


Okay, thanks for your response. Do you already know where to move? I’m asking because I’m thinking to start the company’s blog but can’t find a good platform for it.


We’ll be using Jekyll to generate our blog as static pages on our own site. We’re doing this because we want the blog as a subdirectory on our main domain, and we want fine level control.

However you can’t go wrong with WordPress, using WPEngine (or a similar company) as a host. This is a proven solution used by an enormous number of successful companies.


Well, the question is not which engine to use. I looked at Medium before because they had the feature allowing to integrate your posts into your blog. So, using something like that you achieved 2 goals - publish your own blog and spread the word. Now, I don’t know any other platform that allows similar feature and this is the question.


We use Hugo, Netlify and Forestry to manage our entire content pipeline and it has been working beautifully for my entire team.

I’m Karthik, one of the co-founders of hellonext.co, bootstrapped as well.