Hallo from Zurich

My Name is Mohamed, I am a Software engineer from Zurich. I currently hold a full time position at an IoT startup working on connected cars. but I also am working on a couple of side projects and that is why I joined this community. This is going to be my very first Project individually and I would like to share my journey with you guys.

I would be happy to also share my software development experience(I have been writing code for over 9 years for a living).

I don’t want to spam this post, So I will create a new one about what I am working on.

Really happy to have found this community



Welcome, @zak245.

What project are you working on?

Hi @SteveMcLeod

I am currently working on an online learning platform for indie hackers who want to build software as full stack developers(mainly in Typescript and NodeJS Angular and React and VueJS for the frontend) as well as some solutions to help bootstrappers start their new projects faster. More details will come later

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Ah, Zurich! Been there this weekend, an astoundingly beautiful place - but crazy expensive. I’d be hard-pressed to start anything bootstrapped there, you immediately have to make 30% more just to cover your costs :wink: