Google Analytics


Can anyone recommend me a good Google Analytics book, course or tutorial?

I want to use it to track my visitors, their interaction with my site, goals, conversions, but I don’t have a clue about how to work professionally with it…

And it’s a good idea to use GA, or there are better (easier to use) tools?

Thank you!

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GA sucks. I run screaming everytime I see it.

For Wordpress- Jetpack is great.

Otherwise, Clicky.

Seriously, avoid GA.

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I don’t know any good books, courses or tutorials. But I do enjoy following Dave Collins’ blog at where there is often short actionable articles that show you how to use a specific part of Google Analytics.

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Once you get your instrumentation done, you might like a service I run—Briefmetrics, it summarizes all the most important parts of Google Analytics in a weekly email so you can avoid actually visiting the website for the most part. (Related thread on this forum, also.)

If you have any specific questions for setting up, I’m happy to answer too! :slight_smile:


Their official one is pretty good:


Chris Coyier did a really thorough write-up on how they’re using Google Analytics at Codpen. As a new user it’s not letting me post a link, but if you google css tricks google analytics it should be #1.

Personally, it’s one of the best reads on the subject I’ve come across.


I can post links now :slight_smile: - here it is:


Google officially provides training and support for Google Analytics.

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Thx @isaac for this… I’m checking this out over the weekend.

@mcasas I’ve gotten a lot of quick info / feedback using Pretty simple plug and play code. Get heatmaps and video recordings real quick while you get caught up to speed w/ GA