Get text message in the morning with KPIs?

I hope I’m not sharing too many idea pitches.

My latest idea is a tool that would send you a text message each morning that says something like this:

Last 24 hours: 12 new email subscribers, $847 in sales.
Visit for more details

I understand a lot of founders compulsively check their stats, especially in the morning. This could be a way to eliminate that annoying 10-minute period in the morning of going around to various dashboards.

What do you guys think?

One of the most wonderful feelings in the morning is when I get a text from my bank that a contract payment has came.

Having said that, I wouldn’t pay for that. Not for my bank’s text, and not for this. This is as “vitamin” as it gets.

Understand me right - I like the idea of having a dashboard over text. I just wouldn’t pay for it.

Maybe there is a place for it in large corporations, where directors/VPs/etc would want to get a short heads-up how the things are going.

Sorry, already done for Mac for sales:

With FastSpring I just get order notifications via email. I also have a Google Analytics email alert when there’s a traffic spike on the site.


@ivm Thank you for mentioning CashNotify!

@jasonswett There are alternatives depending on if you want your notifications on web / desktop / mobile, I’ve made a list here:

You sound like you want an app that combines insights from multiple sources, have you tried Statsbot? They have an option to schedule alerts in Slack.

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Why text message? I personally much prefer email (which also comes in on my phone).

There may be a niche that would prefer txt, but I would be surprised.

I read somewhere that text (SMS) is a channel that has a much higher subjective importance, and almost all text messages get read, while only a small subset of emails are. Of course this is mostly important in the context of promotions via text.

Also, it is easier to justify payment for text-based service, because we know that SMS ain’t free. (Not saying that it makes someone more likely to pay; just that the price can be explained.)

Maybe. But it’s probably done already. All apps have something like this by now.

I’d say there is not enough value in that idea for it to be a business.

I use Pushover to deliver notifications from my SaaS, including nice ka-ching sounds when payments are made or new customers sign up. It works great.