Full time on mah app!

Hey guys, today is day 1 working full time on my app. Been bootstrapping for about two years and ramping down my day job gradually.

Woot. Living the dream!


Congratulations! :smiley:

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Congrats! :smile:

What was the main reason that made you go full time with your app?

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Thx guys :smile:

I got the revenue up high enough to pay the bills. :smile:


Great, now get back to work! (And by that, I mean me.)

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Well done. It is a lot easier to make real progress when you are full time.


I’m curious to know what your growth curve looks like.

Thanks @Andy!!

Thanks @scojo here you go.

I noticed your revenue started ramping up a lot after this past July. Did you start doing anything differently that caused this?

I think at that point I moved from a deployed module to SaaS, and so the setup time per customer was a lot lower and I started promoting it more. Nothing too mysterious :smile:

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Congrats, good luck, don’t lose your sanity, and if you figure out any of the EU VAT bull @#$%, let us all know! :smile:

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Darn impressive! Thanks for sharing.

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Congrats! Well earned.


Thanks boss :slight_smile: Your help via podcasts and articles as well as the help of a bunch of other bootstrappers was huge, so thanks for all that you do!

That’s awesome man, congratulations. I’m jealous and look forward to being in your shoes one day :smile:

Thanks buddy. I know the feeling - I remember being super jealous of all the people that had “made it”. And I still am! All I know for sure is that I don’t quite feel like I’ve “made it” yet. Best of luck on your product. Let me know if you’d like some feedback or anything some time.

Congratulations! Hope to be there one day as well :thumbsup:

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Congratulations! Well done

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Nice one! Time to buy yourself a :hamburger: and :beers:, then get back to it!

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How about an update on how it has been going? Any any tips for us starting out?

I’m now one week into a new start on this entrepreneurial journey. (https://medium.com/@GlobalWJ/today-is-my-first-day-as-an-entrepreneur-2842f194b93a)